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The Rubenfeld Synergy Training Program of Philadelphia offers a comprehensive, 3-year certification training program.

heal others, certification training programSynergists-in-training (Trainees) learn and practice the art and skills of a proven and effective healing modality that powerfully combines respectful, listening touch with verbal processing.

For anyone seeking to become a catalyst for healing and change in the world, the RSM certification training program provides the learning, skills and tools needed to step confidently into your own private practice, helping clients resolve a variety of physical and emotional issues that reside in the body.

The program is ideally suited to current bodyworkers and mental health professionals seeking to deepen and add dimension to their existing practices to provide a totality of healing. This training program is equally suited for professionals searching for an autonomous career path that allows them to be a catalyst for healing and change in the world. A private practice allows them to set their own hours and determine how much they WANT to make.

The training program is designed to allow trainees to maintain their current roles as professionals and/or caregivers, while learning new skills that will prepare them to see clients in their own part-time or full-time practice.

In the Rubenfeld Synergy Certification Training Program, we focus on 4 important aspects of delivering transformational healing to your clients.

  • First, you will learn the art and skill of a proven and powerful healing modality, so you can feel confident and competent when you starting seeing clients.
  • Second, as transformation is at the heart of all healing, you will have the support of the program and personal sessions to help you transform any fear and doubt, so you will know that you deserve to be successful! Ultimately, your own transformation will be your guide as you help your clients transform.
  • Third, you will connect deeply with yourself and to a caring supportive community so you have the support and encouragement you need to excel in this life-changing modality. Connecting with your clients will become effortless.
  • Fourth, you’ll learn how to attract and enroll a steady stream of ideal clients so you can earn a consistent income while doing meaningful work.

Lastly, all of this is designed to help you leave a legacy of healing the world one heart at a time.

Joan Brooks, Training Director

Joan Brooks, RSM Training Director

Michael Herman, CRS
Lafayette, CO.

I had trained in another modality, but didn’t feel confident or competent. What stood out for me when I first saw Ilana do a demo was the depth of the feelings and emotions. There was a level of transformation in a short amount of time. Something got resolved.

What stood out for me during the RSM training was that we received mentoring for giving practice sessions in our home towns. When I graduated, I felt confident and competent to do the work.


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