This training is an investment
in YOUR future!

Your Investment In Your Future

The annual tuition for the 2020 Rubenfeld Synergy Certification Training Program is as follows:

$4500 – paid in full. A $450 deposit will hold your space in the training. Balance of $4,050 is due no later than 60 days before the training begins. or

$450 deposit to hold your space in the training, plus 9 monthly installments of $450, beginning no later than 60 days before the training begins. Monthly installments will be due every 30 days.

PLEASE NOTE: While we will make every effort to keep the tuition the same throughout the 3 years, the Training Program reserves the right to increase the tuition by no more than 10% each year. Should an increase in tuition be necessary, you will be notified of this increase in writing before the beginning of the year.

Your Tuition Covers:

  • All live webinars, scheduled and unscheduled
  • All on-site trainings
  • Five (5) mentoring sessions in Year 1. This may change for Years 2 and 3. Should more mentoring sessions be desired by the trainee or required by the Training Program, the trainee will pay their mentor $75 per session. No monies will be paid to the Training Program.
  • Advisor/advisee guidance
  • Membership site in which you will have access to all recordings and electronic training materials for as long as you are a trainee.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Program-required books and texts (if at all feasible!)
  • Payment of certification fee to the International Association of Rubenfeld Synergist.
  • Payment of annual trainee membership fee to INARS for as long as you are a trainee

Your Tuition Does Not Cover:

  • Any and all travel expenses, including transportation, lodging and food
  • Books and texts not required by the program (or those the Training Program is not able to provide)
  • Any expenses related to the Clinical Practicum, such as office rental fees, or the purchase of a massage table.
  • Personal Rubenfeld Synergy sessions. At the on-site trainings, the fee is $70 per session, or $140 per double session. If you have a Home Synergist, we will ask them to honor the Training Program fee of $70 per session, for a minimum of 8 sessions. We cannot guarantee they will honor that request. You will directly pay your Home Synergist, if you have one, and/or the Synergist providing personal sessions during the on-sites. No monies will be paid to the Training Program.
  • Any expenses related to making up missed assignments, class time, etc., such as fees paid to faculty and staff who spend extra time with you so you can complete assignments.
  • Any post-graduate costs required for Certification Maintenance or professional membership in INARS.