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CURRICULUM for RSM Certification Training

Number of Hours for Year 1:

Rubenfeld Synergy Training Program
catalyst for healing, bodymind healing
RSM Training, change the world, bodymind healing


The training is a three-year program which includes a combination of 13 to 15 webinars, two separate onsite weeks, reading assignments and practice clients each year. Personal individual sessions with a Certified Synergist are also required to give you a sense of what your clients will experience and to learn more about your own body’s wisdom. At an appropriate stage in your learning, you will start working with practice clients and continue to do so for the remainder of the training.

The curriculum has been thoughtfully and thoroughly crafted to introduce the skills of listening touch and verbal processing gradually over three years as you master each new learning and develop confidence. Mastery of these skills enable you to create a safe environment with appropriate boundaries and to support your clients’ process as they work to evolve, grow and manifest their whole, authentic selves in the world while helping them heal physical and/or emotional pain along the way.

Click here “The Art and Skills” to learn more about specific skills taught during the 3 years.

Healing world one heart at a time

YEAR 1 – Historical Background and Somatic Skills

The introductory webinars, presented by faculty, focus on the historical roots that led the founder, Ilana Rubenfeld, to create her pioneering modality. This brilliant method was formed out of her personal need for healing, her background as a classically trained conductor and her studies with a variety of mentors.

Topics then move to the power of touch, anatomy, and introductory somatic moves. The week-long onsites provide demonstrations by faculty, in depth practice, supervision, and group bonding. Bodymind exercises underscore trainees’ awareness of metaphors in movement. You will learn the rudiments of kinesthetic awareness and how it relates to changes in the neo-cortex and limbic sections of the brain. You will also be introduced to practices of body alignment (BOMA) to protect yourself physically as you work with a client and other aspects of Self-Care, essential components of all client-Synergist interaction.

Art and Skills - Rubenfeld Synergy Method, transformational healing, wisdom of the body

YEAR 2 – Development of Verbal and Relational Skills

Building on the skills acquired in Year 1, Year 2 deepens and broadens one’s skills using tone, feedback, and dialogue to further enhance the client’s awareness of the body’s messages and to allow the client to give voice to feelings and needs. Relational skills include navigating the relationship; offering an attuned response and expressing empathy; and maintaining appropriate boundaries. Basic psychological concepts will be studied. Learn to discern what place in the body needs a voice and how to then develop dialogue as well as choose a topic thread to follow. Bodymind exercises continue and trainees will be asked to “score” a demonstration session by faculty (as if tracking multiple lines in a symphony) to appreciate all that transpires in a session.

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YEAR 3 – Becoming a Skilled Synergist and Opening a Practice

In addition to refining the verbal, somatic, and relational skills, training topics will include the practical areas: ethical standards and values; starting and developing a practice; making Rubenfeld Synergy Method presentations in your community; and continuing your professional growth. Qualified Trainees will have the opportunity to begin earning income from their practice clients in Year 3. After satisfactorily completing all requirements including a Year 3 Project and completing an evaluation process, you will qualify as a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist (CRS).

Exclusive to this training program, you will learn to create solution-focused programs and attract 5-star clients, so you can jump start your thriving RSM practice!