Your touch is the key to your clients" healing and growth!

Mental Health Professionals

Mental health professionals - talk therapy-based clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, licensed clinical social workers, psychoanalysts, certified Gestalt therapists.


In your practice as a mental health professional, have you ever:

  • Felt limited by the efficacy of talk-only therapy in addressing the underlying issues of your clients?
  • Wished you could be more creative in your work with clients?
  • Had a client return every week with the same, recurring complaint, and felt helpless to provide lasting, effective relief?
  • Realized talking about traumatizing events could be re-traumatizing without resolving the effects of the trauma?
  • Wanted to include the body’s wisdom in your work so you and your clients could more easily access the root cause of their issues?
  • Wanted to go deeper with clients who are fully invested in and committed to their own healing journeys?
  • Wanted to stand out as a unique expert within your field of expertise and expand your range of clients?


The Rubenfeld Synergy Method training certification program is the ideal conduit to elevate your practice to the next level, enabling you to provide deeper, transformational results to your clients by working with and through the body. Working with all aspects of your clients – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - exponentially increases the effectiveness and ease of providing healing on a cellular level.

As a mental health professional who seeks to be a catalyst for healing and change in the world, you are perfectly poised to embark upon this training program. With a foundational ability to use dialogue and verbal interventions in working with clients, you already recognize and understand the importance of verbal processing. By incorporating respectful, listening touch into your practice, you will be able to address underlying issues and provide a totality of healing for your clients. Instead of simply skimming the surface or repeatedly trying to change your clients’ behaviors, you will be able to work with the healing wisdom of the body to help them to make lasting changes in themselves and their lives.

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Rubenfeld Synergy Method; transformational healing

I was frustrated as a psychotherapist. Some clients would come for years, but not make much progress. Then I discovered RSM, which includes touch and working with messages stored in the body. Just as Ilana did in the 1960’s, I saw the value of putting the two together. This is the EXPRESS LANE! Many clients heal faster with the physical release that comes with touch and talk.

Renee Jacobs, CRS
Morristown, NJ