Heal the past to create
a better future.


Professional Career Changers

In your current career, have you ever:

  • Been unsatisfied and unfulfilled, knowing there’s something you’re supposed to be doing?
  • Yearned for a new career that is fulfilling, profitable and autonomous?
  • Experienced your own healing journey and realized the importance of qualified, constructive guidance along that journey’s path?
  • Wanted to be a catalyst for healing in the world, by helping others to heal so they can fully step into their power and take their rightful place in the world?

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method training certification program is the ideal conduit to the next exciting chapter in your career. By learning the art and skills of this proven and effective healing modality that powerfully combines respectful, listening touch with verbal processing, you will be able to step confidently into your own private practice and provide deep, transformational results to your clients. Trainees can maintain their current roles as professionals and/or caregivers, while learning new skills that will prepare them to see clients in their own part-time or full-time practice.

As a professional who seeks to be a catalyst for healing and change in the world, you are perfectly poised to embark upon this training program. With your business acumen and task-oriented discipline, you already possess the skills needed to commit to the rigors of training, as well as a dedicated eye to an outcome of mastery. By learning how to work with and through the body, you will be able to address underlying issues and provide a totality of healing for your clients, helping them to make lasting changes in themselves and their lives.

Find out how you can be a catalyst for healing and much needed change in the world AND create a prosperous business by clicking on the button below to schedule a 20-minute phone call with Joan Brooks. 

Healing Powers
Rubenfeld Synergy Method; transformational healing

I understood that presence and listening were extraordinary gifts the world did not fully recognize. As a teacher, I sensed that I possessed these gifts, but could not see the pathway to unearth these 'golden treasures' within me and use them to help others heal. I found this pathway in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. As I unearthed the light in me, I was finally able to shine a light for others still unable to see their path. The RSM training is a magical journey.

Patricia Keeler, CRS
Portland, OR

Rubenfeld Synergy Method; transformational healing

I didn’t choose RSM, it chose me! I wasn’t looking for a new career. I was looking for relief from an incredibly stressful, painful life. For the first time, in my RSM sessions, I felt safe enough to share my struggles as a mom with special needs kids. Parts of me that had been closed up and forgotten, opened. I cried for the first time in decades. I found a new energy and zest for life. I decided to train in RSM because I wanted to help others recover what had been lost and open to new possibilities.

Heather Skoll, CRS
Richmond, Ontario, Canada